Lykon App

React Native

Architected and implemented the user interface of Lykon's mobile app from scratch, which supports several health test results, JWT authentication, Apple Health integration, biometric authentication, and meal plans. The app is now used by thousands of customers and is available for both iOS and Android.

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Rakuten Marketplace


Built and shipped the first responsive Rakuten's marketplace in Germany, collaborating closely with the marketing and product team to provide a stable UI with a large number of components as also a user-friendly content management.

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Globosat Play

iOS - Swift

Played a significant role in implementing subscription plans and enhancing catalog navigation.

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App store



Created and shipped an open source request client using Electron and React. This project involved the development of a robust client interface and implementation of a range of functionality to enable efficient and effective request handling.

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Oi Movel Digital

React Native

Collaborated with other team members to pioneer the development of a mobile app using React Native for a prepaid phone plan, bringing together our collective expertise to deliver a high-quality product.

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Oi Styleguide


As a team member, I proposed and collaborated on the implementation of a comprehensive style guide and a reusable component library. The adoption of this library resulted in a significant increase in team productivity and maintainability, as we were able to efficiently apply consistent design and functionality across projects.

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Universum Theme


Minimal dark theme for VS Code features a carefully selected set of syntax colors that prioritize comfort and readability. Additionally, I have curated a collection of icons that perfectly complement the theme.

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Theme Marketplace



After conducting extensive research, Frontendler was created packing comprehensive list of useful mixins and variables to aid developers in effortlessly implementing responsive design. This was my initial attempt to master responsive page implementation and to assist others in achieving similar results with ease.

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June 2019 - Present
Frontend engineer
  • Developed several lab test result interfaces including DNA and Cortisol for the web application using React.
  • Started the development of the first mobile application used as the main interface to interact with customers. Created using React Native, Typescript, Redux, and Jest, the app is now used by thousands of customers and is available for both iOS and Android.


April 2017 - May 2019
UI Developer
  • Developed the UI of the new Rakuten Marketplace in Germany. The first release with a fully responsive design focused on mobile devices.
  • Created UI resource library made in React with unit tests and continuous integration.


April 2017 - May 2019
Senior fullstack developer
  • Developed the responsive React SPA app for Oi Mod (their new mobile phone plan).
  • Created the UI library used to share components with several products.


April 2013 - November 2016
Frontend developer
  • Created Frontendler as a front-end framework for many web pages developed in Globosat and visited by millions of users every month.
  • Implemented responsive web pages for several TV channels including GNT, Multishow, and Gloob using Frontendler, Angular and React.
  • Mobile team developer of the iOS app's Receitas GNT and Globosat Play visited also by millions of users every month. Worked on the development of the TV streaming app Globosat play made with React.
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Who Am I

Hello! My name is Daniel Beff and I enjoy everything related to design and code.

My interest in software engineering started when I was working as a designer, and it soon became my main passion. From my first professional experience as a developer using Flash and Action Script 3, to building a large mobile application from scratch using React Native, I have always sought to improve myself and enjoyed each step of the process.

I'm also the creator of Frontendler, Requesto and Universum Theme.

Technologies I work with
ReactReact NativeTypescriptReduxJestSassTailwindElectronFigmaSketch